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Letter from Pastor Andy

In the second chapter of Acts, we read how the very first Christians responded to all that God was doing in and around their lives. They devoted themselves to the apostles doctrine, to the fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayer.
Christians over the centuries have continued those activities. They have taken many different forms, based on their culture and time and the needs of the people. Here’s what they look like for us here at Calvary Chapel in Fort Walton Beach.
We’ve devoted ourselves to the apostles doctrine by reading through the New Testament a chapter a day. I’ve been posting a very short comment on each chapter everyday on social media. The sermon on Sunday is typically from our reading that week.
We’ve devoted ourselves to fellowship through what we call Family Time. During our time on singing on Sunday mornings, we take a few minutes to open the floor and encourage each other to share what the Lord has done, how He’s answered prayer, or what He’s saying to you through His Word.
We’ve devoted ourselves to the breaking of bread in two ways. We share in the Lord’s supper at least once a month. In addition to that, we have a food pantry ministry that distributes food including bread every Wednesday from 9:30am to 1pm. You’re welcome to benefit from that, and to help with that.
Lastly, we’ve devoted ourselves to prayer. At the end of almost every service, we close by praying for each other in groups of 2 and 3, men with the men, ladies with the ladies.
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May the Lord richly bless you,

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